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Microfi Free Flow CashTokens:
where scarcity meets creativity on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain while revolutionizing CashTokens with ISO Standards.

In a world where crypto-assets are often driven by profit and greed, Microfi Free Flow (XMI) CashTokens dares to be different.
With no profit incentive, XMI is a breath of fresh air in the crowded cryptocurrency market.

Microfi Free Flow has taken a significant step forward by becoming the first Bitcoin Cash CashToken to obtain the ISO 24165-1:2021 Digital Token identifier (DTI) - JNWL3D02V.
This achievement has not only solidified Microfi Free Flow's position as a pioneer but also brought CashTokens into alignment with international standards.

The brainchild of the Microfi Free Flow Project, XMI is used to power a myriad of initiatives, from the Microfi Notary to showcasing appreciation, commemorating special events, or simply expressing creativity.

This crypto-asset is not just a means of exchange, but with a limited supply of one million tokens, XMI is a rare gem for those who value scarcity and the sentimental value that comes with it.
Its collector's value is undeniable, making it a treasured asset for enthusiasts who appreciate the unique and the unusual.

Microfi Free Flow Project has developed a simple wallet with notary system, a paper wallet and CashTokens distribution application, which is now utilized by several CashTokens projects.

So, if you're ready to break free from the shackles of traditional finance and embrace the untamed world of crypto, Bitcoin Cash CashTokens might just be your ticket to a brighter, more inventive future. Buckle up, because this journey promises to be nothing short of exhilarating.

Basic info

Microfi Free Flow (XMI) is a crypto-asset with no profit incentive, other than asset-referenced token or e-money token.

Blockchain: Bitcoin Cash
Token type: fungible CashToken

Symbol: XMI

Name: Microfi Free Flow

tokenId (category): b69f76548653033603cdcb81299e3c1d1f3d61ad66e7ba0e6569b493605b4cbe

Total supply: 1,000,000.00

Decimals: 2

Created: May 15, 2023

ISO 24165-1:2021 digital token identifier: JNWL3D02V
XMI DTI metadata | screen shot*
* Unfortunately DTIF reference implementation do not provide actual Bitcoin Cash implementation (Github link)


As with any crypto-asset, the value of XMI is not without its risks. Speculation and market volatility are inherent in the nature of decentralized currencies, and XMI is no exception.
The total supply of XMI was distributed for free; however, this distribution was not without its risks. As a result, some users received more tokens than others.

Distribution ran from May 25, 2023 to June 28, 2023.

There was no pre-sale, nor an initial offer and allocation of tokens for the Microfi Free Flow Project developer.

Distribution address history

Users can trade Microfi Free Flow CashTokens on several Bitcoin Cash decentralized exchanges e.g. Cauldron DEX, Fex DEX or TapSwap Marketplace.
There is neither VC investors nor developers funds, providing liquidity for XMI CashTokens is community driven.
Users can create a micro-pool on Cauldron Constant Product Market Maker and earn 0.3% off all transactions made through their pools.

XMI can be a volatile asset, dependent on supply and demand in the market. Microfi Free Flow traders must be prepared to face the unpredictable ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market. XMI may be subject to significant price fluctuations.


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